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What is a Low Vision Doctor and How Can They Help Your Patients?

15 IALVS homepage image 300×203From Dr. Shuldiner:

This past April, I had the MIDCAB procedure: Minimally Invasive Direct Cardiac Artery Bypass Surgery. Three months before, when I awoke from my angiogram and the results indicated bypass surgery, my cardiologist calmed me down by saying these magic words:

“Listen to me: they can do the bypass without opening your chest or stopping your heart!”

Then he said an amazing thing: “I don’t know who does it or where it’s done. But I know it’s available, and you will have to do some research”. I silently thank him every day for saying that.

I did the research and had MIDCAB: no opening the chest, no stopping the heart, two-week recovery with no activity restriction, no pain, and no “pump head”!

Why am I telling you this? Because we must stop saying “nothing more can be done” to vision loss patients when help is available.

Please read my book “What Do You Mean New Glasses Won’t Help”

My intentions for this publication are:

  • Awareness of what possibilities can open up for the vision loss patient.
  • Changing the culture from “nothing more can be done” to a referral for low vision services.
  • Having guest writers from all areas of the low vision community share their insights, ideas, cases, experience, and knowledge for the betterment of all.
  • Having a win/win philosophy for patients, eye care professionals (including all those offering low vision services), manufacturers, and providers of low vision devices.