Full Diameter Telescope Glasses

senior watching large tv

Miss Watching TV? Full Diameter Telescope Glasses Can Help

Do you enjoy watching TV, going to the theater, attending sports events, or watching a beautiful sunset?  

These activities may seem out of reach if you have significant vision loss. 

Fortunately, full-diameter telescope glasses, a type of low-vision aid, can dramatically improve the quality of life of people with visual impairment.

Our IALVS low vision optometrists know how low vision can negatively impact your life. Our goal is to keep you independent with the help of low-vision aids and glasses.

What Are Full-Diameter Telescopes?

Full-diameter telescopes (Galilean Telescopes) are for distance tasks done while sitting down. They are similar to binoculars and cover the entire lens of your eyeglasses. 

The full-diameter telescopic system is available in various sizes, shapes, frame types, colors, and magnification levels.

Full-diameter telescopes can help you enjoy activities where you are mostly still and don’t require mobility. These include watching TV, attending a movie or play in a theater, or attending a conference or cultural event in an auditorium.

How do Low Vision Glasses and Aids Work?

Low-vision glasses and devices work by maximizing your current level of vision. By significantly enhancing and directing your vision, low-vision glasses or devices allow you to regain the specific visual functions you have lost.

Depending on the task, people with low vision can benefit from aids ranging from simple handheld magnifying lenses to telescope glasses, such as E-Scoop glasses, prismatic eyeglasses, and full-diameter telescopes.

How Can Full-Diameter Telescopes Help You?

Low vision aids and devices can help you navigate the day-to-day challenges of low vision. They can help restore your independence. With custom-fit full-diameter telescopes, you can improve visual functionality. These devices can help you view your favorite sports team or recognize faces at a family social event, drastically improving your quality of life.

Full-diameter telescope glasses can help you resume many of your favorite activities. Contact one of the IALVS low-vision optometrists to learn how low-vision glasses can improve your vision.