Daily Tasks and Doing the Things You Love


Reclaim Your Active Life and See Faces with More Clarity

To improve your distance vision so that you see facial details better, identify your grandchildren at their soccer games, or enjoy live theater, we incorporate your eyeglass Rx into one of our many types of Bioptic or Full Diameter Telescopic Low Vision glasses.

Members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts in hands free magnification and will demonstrate many types of low vision glasses to you. During your low vision examination, you will see for yourself the benefits of these glasses.


Low Vision Won’t Hold You Back From Activities You Love

The members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are experts at determining the right low vision glasses for your needs. Each activity has different vision, lighting and distance requirements. The doctor will listen to those requirements and determine the best low vision glasses for your level of vision. Low vision glasses will be demonstrated during the low vision examination so you can see the difference for yourself.

Helping Low Vision Patients With Day to Day Tasks

Woman with Macular Degeneration is able to play Bridge again

Read, write checks, and make out faces with Macular Degeneration

Cooking and preparing meals

If cooking is your passion, we’ll help you keep the fire burning – even if you’ve suffered vision loss. Plenty of low vision aids are on the market to help with food prep, such as measuring cups with a liquid-level indicator that beeps when the cup is full. Other examples of low vision devices for the kitchen include large print timers, high-contrast cutting boards, talking thermometers, and long oven mitts to keep your entire arm safe from accidental burns.

Crafting and playing music

Custom reading glasses and specialized magnifiers (handheld or mounted and with attached lighting), can allow you to do fine needlework, read sheet music, create detailed drawings and paintings, and stay active with all your artistic hobbies.

Helping Macular Degeneration Patient Weld Again

Using special glasses for Macular Degeneration patients for help with crafts, beading, and drawing

Matching your own clothing properly

We can teach you different organizational and labelling techniques to ensure that you never leave home mismatched. Also, a low vision professional can assess the lighting in your home. Often, brighter, direct task lights are necessary to eliminate deep shadows and assist you with identifying colors.

Moral Support for Doing Daily Tasks

Adapting to visual changes and new ways to perform daily tasks can be difficult – both physically and emotionally. In addition to fitting, you with the most suitable low vision aids and teaching new lifestyle strategies, your IALVS eye doctor will also provide essential support. We want you to stick with the tasks and hobbies you enjoy, and we’ll strive to help you develop the confidence you need to remain independent!