Are you struggling to live an independent lifestyle due to significant vision loss from eye conditions such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy? Come visit our Virginia low vision specialists to see just how we can help you get back to a life of independence and productivity! Our professional and friendly eye care team offers treatment for common sight-threatening eye diseases, as well as low vision aids and devices such as telescopic lenses, prism glasses, and specialized electronic magnifiers. These can make daily activities such as reading, writing, and watching TV a lot easier. We can also offer lifestyle and dietary advice aimed at maintaining your eye health and retaining your vision.

We’re happy to work together with you to keep your eyes healthy and make the most of your vision, so that you can live your best life each and every day. Come visit our Virginia low vision clinic to find out how!

What are symptoms of cataracts?

Cataracts can result from a number of factors, including injury and illness, but most often come about as a result of age. They tend to form very slowly, with obstructions to vision being almost unnoticeable at first. Over time, however, cataracts grow in size and thickness, causing your vision to get increasingly cloudy. It may feel like you’re looking at the world through a dirty window. You may also notice an increase in halos and glare around images, and you may experience greater sensitivity to bright lights. Cataracts can cause significant loss of vision over time. If you have cataracts, our Virginia low vision experts can give you advice on how preserving and taking advantage of your remaining vision so that you can continue living the independent life you deserve!