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Dr. Benjamin Liss

Gqeberha, SA

193 Main Rd, Walmer
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Low Vision Challenges in Gqeberha with IALVS Support

If you reside in Gqeberha and face challenges due to low vision, know you're not alone. IALVS extends its services to South Africa, offering specialized care and support for low-vision patients. Our commitment goes beyond helping you manage your low vision. We empower our patients to regain control and live fulfilling lives. This includes providing access to personalized low-vision aids and devices, tailored nutritional advice, and ongoing support to help you navigate your journey with vision loss.

Empowering Gqeberha Through Collaborations

IALVS is working in Gqeberha to raise awareness about low vision and promote the development of sight-restoring technologies. They partner with local organizations, such as the Eastern Cape Blind and Deaf Society, to provide educational resources and support services to people with low vision. IALVS also strongly advocates for government funding for low-vision research and development in South Africa.

Low-Vision Resources in Gqeberha

  • Eastern Cape Blind and Deaf Society
  • Gqeberha Society for the Blind