Low Vision Doctor in Manitoba

Dr. Colleen Mulhall

Winnipeg, MB

198 St Anne's Rd
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Low-Vision Challenges and Support in Manitoba

Our IALVS-affiliated eye care clinics extend their services across Canada. They offer specialized care and support for Manitobans facing low vision challenges. Our commitment goes beyond helping patients manage their low-vision challenges. We empower our patients to regain control and live fulfilling lives. This includes providing access to personalized low-vision aids and devices, tailored nutritional advice, and ongoing support to navigate their journey with vision loss.

Expanding Support and Awareness in Manitoba

IALVS is working to expand its reach in Manitoba and provide more resources and support to people with low vision. They are partnering with local organizations, such as the Manitoba League of the Blind, to develop educational materials and raise awareness about the potential for restoring functional vision. IALVS is committed to increasing access to low-vision rehabilitation services in Manitoba.

Low-Vision Resources in Manitoba:

  • Manitoba League of the Blind
  • CNIB Manitoba