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Thank you for your interest. Members of IALVS are eye care practitioners who are committed to the concept of life after vision loss. Whether experienced in the field or not, prior to becoming a member, they have received advanced, intensive training in prescribing special glasses to keep low vision patients more independent and lead happier lives.

If you are an eyecare practitioner interested in our advanced, intensive training, please fill out the form below. Dr. Shuldiner will promptly respond.

Specialized Training and Continuing Education

IALVS, the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, is an exclusive network of Low Vision doctors who are intensively trained and receive continuing education in the most up-to-date methods of managing Low Vision.

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IALVS doctors' testimonials for Dr. Shuldiner:

Dr. Armstrong is a low vision specialist in Virginia. He is one of the first eye doctors Dr. Shuldiner trained. His practice has seen a boost in revenue since becoming a low vision clinic.
Dr. Fields is a low vision doctor in Mississippi. He suspected there was more to low vision than just selling hand magnifiers. Dr. Shuldiner turned his lights on to low vision aids beyond hand magnifiers, and significantly increased the revenue potential of Dr. Fields’ practice.
Dr. Long had been doing low vision for many years, when a friend of his brought Dr. Shuldiner to his attention. After one week of training, he was instantly making 3 to 4 times what he ahd made at his practice before becoming a low vision clinic with IALVS.
Dr. Gannon has been practicing low vision for over 35 years, and has been a low vision specialist with IALVS for about 10 years. He recommends Dr. Shuldiner’s low vision training, which has allowed him to increase revenue in his practice significantly.