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If you’re ready to achieve the freedom and independence to manage your everyday activities and want to reclaim your life, then it’s time to speak with our experts. Find a low-vision eye doctor in your area and prepare yourself for a whole new vision experience!

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What is Low Vision?

Common eye diseases include macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts, and stroke-Hemianopsia. People with low vision tend to have reduced visual acuity or a reduced field of view. It affects their ability to enjoy everyday activities, such as cooking, reading, driving, using a computer, or watching TV. The condition cannot be 100% corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses, undergoing a surgical procedure, or taking prescription medications.

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Low Vision Treatments

Low vision care is a unique method because it considers your personal life and favorite activities, not only the extent of your visual difficulties. Low vision specialists work closely with each patient to determine the best visual aids and devices to improve their quality of life.


Your Lifestyle is Our Priority

People with low vision cannot engage in their daily tasks, whether around the house or elsewhere. Our mission is to ensure that those with low vision remain independent and do the things they love and enjoy. We are driven to improve your remaining vision with customized vision aids and devices. Regain your independence and do what you love by booking an appointment with one of our low-vision eye doctors today!

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DMV State Driving Laws

Rules for drivers with low vision vary widely from state to state. The information below is the most up-to-date rules and regulations per state. To learn more, speak with your low-vision eye doctor, who will help you navigate the rules and restrictions based on your visual acuity, field of vision and guide you on any policies regarding using bioptic telescopes.

Patients Living Beyond Low Vision


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I was able to get a last-minute appointment even with a long waiting list. The team at the reception was really friendly and helpful. The technicians and the eye doctor really take the time to explain every detail of the exam. Overall, I had a great first impression! ~
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