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Midwest Low Vision Services

Dr. W. Jarrod Long is a low vision optometrist with 25 years of experience helping those with vision loss to be productive and independent. Dr. Long acquired his comprehensive Low Vision Certification in 1996 at the New York Lighthouse under the tutelage of Optometric Director Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO and the late Eleanor Faye, MD, Medical Director of The Lighthouse. Dr. Long became a Fellow in the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists in 2006 after advanced low vision training with Richard Shuldiner, OD, FAAO.

In January, 2022 Midwest Low Vision Services, the office of Dr. Long, added an additional 850 square feet of dedicated low vision care space at the main office location in Bloomington, Indiana.

Dr. Dwain Paynter is a patient of Dr. Long.

Following is a summary of my findings for this case. Dwain gave permission to use this photo he shared while he was attending an Indiana Hoosiers basketball game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington.

Dwain has a rare variant of Leber’s optic neuropathy which has left him legally blind with 20/300 vision in his right eye and 20/400 vision in his left eye. Dwain’s goals for the low vision evaluation were driving, reading, seeing an iPad/iPhone, seeing the computer, seeing faces and other distance details (such as Indiana University basketball games! ), and reducing glare/enhancing contrast for improved mobility and comfort.

Although Dr. Long could not legally help Dwain regain driving privileges, Dr. Long prescribed 2.2X full-diameter, custom telescopic glasses (see photo) for Dwain’s other distance goals. For computer and hands-free reading, Dr. Long prescribed custom-tinted, prismatic glasses with 4X microscopic bifocals. Finally, for improved mobility, wrap-style glasses with a custom yellow tint and Transitions Brown were prescribed for glare reduction and contrast enhancement.

Quote: “Now I can see the action at the ball games so much better. What a difference!”

Dr. Dwain Paynter wearing full diameter telescopic spectacles at the Indiana Hoosiers basketball game.

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