IALVS Advice Americans about Increasing Dangers of UV and Blue Light on the Eye.

As Summer Approaches, members of International Academy of Low Vision Specialists Advice Americans about Increasing Dangers of UV and Blue Light on the Eye. 

While everyone acknowledges that UV and Blue Light are dangerous for their eyes, members of International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, are acutely aware that the risks are not taken seriously enough, especially for seniors and those suffering with Macular Degeneration. With summer almost here and the sun at its brightest, IALVS is urging all Americans to protect their eyes and the future of their vision.

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Corona, CA. – While most sunglasses claim to provide “UV Protection”, statistics show that UV and Blue Light are increasingly damaging the vision of Americans across the country. To respond to this growing epidemic, Doctors of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are today urging everyone to acknowledge the risks and take appropriate preventative measures.

Ultra-Violet light is a portion of the spectrum of invisible light primarily produced by the sun. The main risk comes to the Macula, an oval-shaped highly pigmented yellow spot near the center of the retina. UV and Blue Light are directly linked to retinal damage.

“Few know about Blue Light, which has caused such an epidemic that researchers are now starting look at it more closely. What they have discovered, through actual studies with live animal retinal cells, is that much of the blue – violet spectrum can be harmful to the eye and actually amplifies cell damage to the retinal cells,” says Dr. Palmer an IALVS Optometrist.

Everyone is urged to follow these simple steps:

–        Always wear sunglasses when outside, and make sure that they conform to rapidly-changing UV protection standards

–        Don’t be fooled by the presence of clouds; UV and Blue Light are can still be present in dangerously-high levels

–        Never look directly at the sun, without exception

–        Take special care to ensure children and older family members are always protected with proper sunglasses and brimmed hats

–        If you feel your sight has been damaged by prolonged exposure to UV or Blue Light, contact an IALVS Doctor today for a free consultation

“Blue -violet exposure can be damaging to everyone, but especially damaging to high risk patients, like those with wet or dry macular degeneration ( AMD), retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and other associated retinal pathologies.  These individuals especially should be wearing protective blue – violet and UV filtering lenses or coatings, not for simple symptomatic photosensitivity, but more specifically for the UV protective benefits provided by the introduction of the newer selective wavelength filtering lenses,” Dr. Palmer adds.

If an individual feels they are at risk, contact the nearest IALVS-accredited Doctor for a free phone consultation today, at: http://www.ialvs.com.

About IALVS:

The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) believes in LIFE AFTER VISION LOSS. The IALVS brings new hope and sight to those with Macular Degeneration and other vision limiting-conditions. The IALVS can bring back the enjoyment of retirement.

If someone is having problems seeing and doing the things they enjoy, an IALVS eye doctor can help. If they have been told by their eye doctor that a change in their eyeglass prescription will not help them see any better, call an IALVS doctor who is trained to design special glasses that can make a difference.

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