Bioptics and Driving

Dr. Richard Shuldiner explains how Bioptics Glasses can help with driving.

Bioptics and Driving Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Dr. Richard Shuldiner low vision optometrist and founder the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists. People with vision loss are undoubtedly very concerned about loss of Independence and their ability to drive a car. We get many phone calls from people who want to be able to continue driving. We do have glasses called bioptic telescopes that allow people sometimes with certain conditions to continue driving. With central vision loss, people can see large objects but not small objects so when it comes to reading street signs or seeing traffic lights you have to get closer to it in order to be able to see them and that sometimes creates an unsafe situation. If we can somehow make these objects look larger and closer that would solve the problem. And we all know that if we look through a pair of binoculars we will see things larger and closer. We can miniaturize those binoculars, put them in a pair of glasses and place them on the top of a lens. So by simply tilting your chin down and looking through the telescope you see a lot closer, a lot bigger, a lot sooner. They’re actually quite safe to use with training and they are legally mandated in certain states. In other states they’re allowed to be used. For example in California you’re allowed to use them but it’s not mandatory. In New York for example, certain levels of vision are required to have the telescope. We have on our website all of the state’s vision requirements listed so that you can see for yourself what you need in your state. And feel free to call us we’ll be happy to talk to you about your situation and help determine whether or not you’re a candidate for these glasses.
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