When my macular degeneration began to interfere with my regular daily routine, I knew I needed help. Now, I have more confidence and see my daughter’s face so clearly.

– Margaret Russo

I used my new glasses to play in a bridge tournament and won second place! I could not have done it without these glasses.

– Anne Turpin

I see better. I feel better. I have more confidence in walking around.

-J. Jarvis

It has been a pleasure wearing the E-Scoops… It was wonderful being able to watch our granddaughter in her Junior Olympic Water Polo meets this past weekend. Thank you!

- Audrey Boeh

Hello doctor,
I feel like I owe you some feedback on those concave glasses that you got me to help with my driving vision.
Overall I would suggest that the glasses have given me about a 20% increase in vision when I'm driving which to say the least is great. If you remember I had a problem with the turning left across a road into a junction. That has improved even more to the point I'd say I'm close to 25% better vision for doing that and less scared to do it too.
I hope this was of some value to you let me know if you need any more specifics.
Thank you
-Phil H