Testimonials & Success Stories


H.A., age 19, is now driving safely with bioptic telescope glasses.


“When my macular degeneration began to interfere with my regular daily routine, I knew I needed help. Now, I have more confidence and see my daughter’s face so clearly.”

– Margaret Russo


“I used my new glasses to play in a bridge tournament and won second place! I could not have done it without these glasses.”

– Anne Turpin


“I see better. I feel better. I have more confidence in walking around.”

– J. Jarvis


“It has been a pleasure wearing the E-Scoops since obtaining them last Friday! It was wonderful being able to watch our granddaughter in her Junior Olympic Water Polo meets this past weekend. Thank you!”

– Audrey Boeh


Psychiatric residents.
Dx: Stargardt’s Disease
Goals: Driving; Reading; writing VA: 20/160 (passes California vision requirement).
Achieved: Able to achieve better distance vision and sign reading with combination E-Scoop/Bioptic Telescopic glasses. Able to achieve reading and writing (for charting patient notes) with reading telescopes. – Dr. Jared Gorsuch

Age: 53
Dx: Detached Retina, both eyes.
Former Administrative Assistant now on disability.
Desires to read street signs and newsprint. Prescribed Bioptic Spectacles for driving; Full diameter spectacles for reading.

Age: 81
Ken Magdanz
Dx: Macular Degeneration.
Goals: play bridge, reading, TV. Vision very poor at 20/400.
Achieved: Able to achieve TV with full diameter telescope spectacles. Able to achieve bridge cards with bifocal reading caps over the telescopes. Unable to achieve newsprint reading.



The patient suffers from macular degeneration in both eyes and was unable to see distant objects for years. Many doctors told the patient that nothing could be done for her condition. Watch this video to see what a difference Low Vision Doctors was able to make for this patient.


“I never dreamed it would be like this!”

Sometimes, there are simply no words to describe the feeling of being able to see better. Watch the video to see her amazing reaction while wearing her new telescopic glasses for the first time.


With the help of the digital reader, he can now read fine prints at the bottom of pages. He can now also see clear at a distance using bioptic glasses.

She was not able to read her newspaper without special glasses. Now that she received her reader, she can now read her newspaper and bible.

“I can read newspaper print that had sometimes been too small of font. … I’m looking forward to magazines because they are even smaller.”

The entire world of newspapers, magazines, and books is opened up once again, thanks to her new reading glasses!

Dr. Walker has helped me tremendously. In our initial consultation, she patiently walked me through all of the options for specific purposes: typing at my computer, reading on my iPad, writing checks and paying bills, watching tv and walking outside. Now, a few weeks later, I can do things I never thought I could do again!! She even rushed my telescopes so I could watch my team, The Kansas City Chiefs, win the Super Bowl!!! Dr. Walker is patient and knowledgeable and provides you with a great set of options if you want to see things you weren’t able to see before.

Thank you, Dr. Walker!

– T. H. Lee, M. D


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