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Carrol Shelby - Low

Carroll Shelby, Late Automotive Legend

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to drive some of the world’s fastest cars on some of the world’s most famous tracks. I was not going to let something like Macular Degeneration slow me down.”

Jason Craig

“I’ve been able to get back behind the wheel and drive again. Now I am able to get back some of my freedom, ability to see, and drive. The majority of what I do is computer and reading work. Dr. Shuldiner was able to give me many tools and techniques and the proper glasses to improve my capabilities of reading.”

IALVS Testimonials
Megan Letter

Meghan Downing

Age: 13
Dx: Stargardts
Goals: Read / write / see friends faces
Best VA 20/160
If vision remains stable, driving is a possibility
Achieved easier writing ability with prismatic glasses. Achieved reading, TV and faces with Full Diameter Telescopic glasses with reading cap.

Rachel Smith, Tulsa, OK

“Oh my, they are so clear. Wow. I love them.”

Rachel Smith E-Scoop - IALVS Testimonial
Margaret Russo

Margaret Russo

“When my macular degeneration began to interfere with my regular daily routine, I knew I needed help. Now, I have more confidence and see my daughter’s face so clearly.”

Glen Letcher

“I can see the lines on the road that I couldn’t see that well before. They used to blend in with the blacktop, where the E-Scoop glasses sharpen them up.”

Clifford Hone

Age: 53
Dx: Detached Retina, both eyes.
Former adm. Assistant now on disability. Desires to read street signs and newsprint. Prescribed Bioptic Spectacles for driving; Full diameter spectacles for reading.

Dr. Jared Gorsuch

Psychiatric resident.
Dx: Stargardt’s Disease
Goals: Driving; Reading; writing
VA: 20/160 (passes California vision requirement). Able to achieve better distance vision and sign reading with combination E-Scoop/Bioptic Telescopic glasses. Able to achieve reading and writing (for charting patient notes) with reading telescopes.

IALVS Testimonials
IALVS Testimonials

Ken Magdanz

Age: 81
Dx: Macular Degeneration.

Goals: play bridge, reading, TV.

Vision very poor at 20/400.

Able to achieve TV with full diameter telescope spectacles. Able to achieve bridge cards with bifocal reading caps over the telescopes. Unable to achieve newsprint reading.

Audrey Boeh

“It has been a pleasure wearing the E-Scoops since obtaining them last Friday! It was wonderful being able to watch our granddaughter in her Junior Olympic Water Polo meets this past weekend. Thank you!”

J. Jarvis, Connecticut

“I see better. I feel better. I have more confidence in walking around.”

Anne Turpin, Liberty, MO

“I used my new glasses to play in a bridge tournament and won second place! I could not have done it without these glasses.”

Bonnie Demuth, Fairfield, CA

“When they first told me I had macular degeneration, I asked ‘What’s that?’ It’s amazing. I’m so thankful for technologies like these.”

Joseph Smiddy

“Most of all I can read music. I am telling my friends about my new glasses.”